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First doll of course I made for my child. It was a regular Waldorf doll for toddlers. All parents in his kindergarten had to make a doll family for their child as a Christmas present. A doll family and not a single doll?! I was shocked as I started to work on this project on the last minute. Pretty odd tradition for the consumerist 21st century but that is the tradition of preschools influenced by Steiner ideas. We gathered in a tiny workshop room and were guided through the process. Some parents were really skeptic about this project. We exchanged stories and ideas with fellow parents and had fun, even the most reluctant moms were in love with their creations by the end of the day.

The doll family traveled with us across countries and continents. And I fell in love with making those little people. When my friends had their newborns I did not have to waste time browsing the stores for the perfect gift – from now on they got a cute teething doll from me. And their bigger siblings sometimes got the toddler dolls. And then my friends started to ask for the dolls to give them to their friends.

Waldorf style elf teething and cuddle doll is perfect for infants and toddlers. It is easy to hold it in their small hands and the ragdoll’s soft material invites to snuggle before sleep. The wooden ring and non detachable feet and hands makes it safe for baby teething. Ideal on the road and taking with you anywhere due to its small pocket size. Neutral facial expression intended to leave free space for kids imagination. Perfect Easter gift for infant or other elf and fairy lovers!

The doll is gender neutral and would be loved by boys and girls alike.

Hand made in European doll making tradition. It is filled with wool (hands and head) and buckwheat hull (body) – makes calming sound and is nice and warm.

Waldorf or Steiner doll is a staple of Waldorf education that has a holistic approach to child’s development. This doll is intended to offer opportunities for imaginative play that along with other types of direct experiences is considered most important in preschool age. The use of natural materials and simple style reinforces the connection with nature.

Size: ~ 7 inches/ 17.5 cm plus hood and ring 2 inches/ 5 cm

You can order a custom made doll as well or get a doll family – browse the store to find more (shipping discounts)!

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Dimensions 15 cm


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