How do you overcome uncertainty? You don’t.

I have thought about my page for some time. What seemed to stop me was the willingness to ship a brilliant finished product, a site that is well organised and categorized. A blog that is clear, to the point, inspiring, beautiful and painfully truthful. Pop out a mesmerizing monarch butterfly.

I had made an idea jam in my brain trying to solve all the issues before proceeding. But moving on with the uncertainty and starting would have been the right step.

I bought a site domain name once. I did not launch a page for a year. I spent a lot of time coming up with a name that was available and suited me well. But nothing happened.

I still do not know which direction this site will go. Will I take you on my nature walks or show you around the house? I have given up the attempt to pre-figure-out what will work or not. But I am eager to see, who will land on this page.

Now is a moment when I want to get out of the hesitation cocoon and connect to people, to share stories and to help each other to make sense of this world. The past few years I spent reflecting, evaluating the basics of life and rewiring some of my automated responses and patterns.

And while I was sipping a glass of cheapest Bordeaux wine and contemplating all this for the millionth time, the title of my kingdom yet to come was born – Bordo Bardo. Let’s be honest – this whole thing is a big transition, a work in progress, always changing and fading. And most often I am like a drunk fool following my own delusions.

I deeply care that people reconnect with the inner magic of themselves which is a beautiful manifestation of the limitless Universe. And we all are together in this, so drop me a line, contact, comment or follow. Let’s be here and now for each other!

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