I write about mindful living. You can read at least one long read post every week and get few short inspiring stories on Instagram daily. My chosen topics always gravitate towards reflecting on body, mind and transitions. I love and hate that everything is changing, and I wish I could embrace the impermanence.

But before I master it, I stop and sit with it. Breathe in and out. And share some thought provoking and mindful stories. Now navigate to the blog section. If you like what you have read – subscribe to the blog not to miss updates and find me on Instagram!


How to open your heart: lessons from “boundless” marriage

I never thought that an intercontinental marriage would teach me so much about power, empathy and boundaries that we invent. But here we are. Five years down the road – learning a lesson that love, inclusion and empathy is a choice. We have different cultural backgrounds and we are from societies that are governed by …

Tādāsana: on integrity and mountains

How is integrity understood in Western philosophy and Buddhism? What is a person of integrity? How to describe the virtue of integrity and why is it important in life? An overview essay to find answers to the questions the concept of integrity brings with it.


You might find helpful some of these books. Every path is different but these books have been guiding and challenging me over the past years.


The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy, and Liberation

Thich Nhat Hanh

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values

Robert M Pirsig

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

Chogyam Trungpa


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing 
Marie Kondōō

The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life 
Joshua Becker


Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Daniel Kahneman


Minimalism life style goes hand in hand with living mindfully. Life is simple, we complicate it. The more stuff there is, the more time and energy we spend taking care of it. Outside clutter echoes as mind clutter and the other way around.These are my essentials, tips and tricks for a simple and peaceful life. 

capsule wardrobe minimalism and mindful living

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