The world is pulsating in an intense rhythm. Roles, obligations and relationships are juggled as good as possible. Wishes, life goals and day to day steps are put on never-ending to do lists. More cool stuff is added to my amazing Pinterest bucket list board. I run and get better at it. Until I do not want to rush my every single step. I pause. Breathe in and out… and write.

I write at least one long read post every week and share few short stories on Instagram daily. My chosen topics always gravitate towards reflecting on body, mind and transitions. I love and hate that everything is changing, and I wish I could embrace the impermanence.

But before I master it, I stop and sit with it. Breathe in and out. And share some stories. Now navigate to the blog section. If you like what you have read – subscribe to the blog not to miss updates and find me on Instagram!



All things have stories. Unless they come from IKEA. And even those have some stories. Once I had a friend in Berlin who owned only items with stories, including a picture of an exorcist and few beaten up dimensional billboard letters. There are few things that I enjoy making because they remind me of the stories how, why or for whom I made the first exemplar. So for me creating is more like a ritual retelling of these stories. Here I will share them both – stories and things alike.


One story at a time. I’ll come back and share more.

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